Run baby, Run

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Finally. Someone who understands.


I run because somehow completely exhausting myself is the most relaxing part of my day.

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Today’s workout

4 lap warmup on the indoor track
Active warmup
Static stretching
Hurdle flexibility drills
Circuit 1:
15 sec on, 30m sprint, 15 sec off x10 minutes
Circuit 2:
Same as circuit 1 but without the sprint

3 sets of 8 reps for all

Benching- 65lbs
Squatting- 95 lbs
Power cleans- 45lbs

Hey fitblr friends!!
I have some explaining to do, I know I was gone for a really long time, but I have reason. I have been working through a lot of things since the end of the cross country season and I was not particularly happy with the way my senior season ended. It made me sad and angry and I just wanted to let my body fully recover in a natural way for me before I dove back into all the working out and cleaning up my eating habits and all of that. Doing that took a lot of pressure off of me and made me a lot happier. I think now that I have reached such a good place with myself I can really appreciate the workouts and training and eating clean and all of that stuff again. I love myself now without forcing the endless training. I feel like I am good enough to accomplish what I want to and I am happy with myself. And now that I have gotten here, I am happy to start back up again. Winter track started today and damn I am going to be sore tomorrow.


If your thighs touch then you’re one step closer to being a mermaid so who’s the real winner here

This is the most uplifting thing I’ve ever read

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Running seems like such a simple concept, doesn’t it? Just one foot in front of the other. But then sometimes I feel like we over complicate things with fartleks and VO2 max and iron supplements and lactic acid and foam rollers and PR’s and tempos and compression sleeves. Sometimes I want to experience running in this raw, natural form. Just me and the woods.

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Today’s practice:

Two lap warmup
40 minute run
4 laps of fartleks (alternating ever 100m)


Xc and we know it